Last Updated 10/31/2013                               

Duck Creek Golf Club hosted it's first rounds of golf today and will be open for public tee times November 1.  Tee times may be made by calling the golf shop at 214-440-2229 or online HERE.  Continue to check back for our permanent website which will be active any day.  For additional information, please contact General Manager, James Roberts at

November 2013 Daily Fee Golf Rates
2014 Annual Golf Memberships


Great progress was made over the past sixty days and the course is in very playable condition.  We expect that peak conditions won’t be achieved until the summer of 2014 when another  bermudagrass growing season is well underway.  The course is opening with overseeded fairways and tee boxes which will keep those areas green throughout the winter for golfer enjoyment.  Those wishing to sign up for our Annual Golf Membership or Player Development Membership may do so at any time.  Private golf instruction from one of our PGA Professionals will be available beginning November 1.

Our initial food and beverage operation in the clubhouse will be limited to a small menu suited to take care of hungry golfers.  Beer and wine sales will begin once our TABC alcohol permit is in place.  The food and beverage operation will continue to be low key through the winter and will ramp up further next spring. 

Primary focus has been on getting the golf course reopened and there has been no progress towards a long term solution for the swim and tennis complex.  We continue to seek someone who may be interested in operating those facilities and if no one is identified, we will begin to work with the community on alternate options.  Likewise, we are hopeful that once the golf course opens for play we will be able to identify someone with interest in establishing a banquet/catering operation in the portion of the clubhouse which will not be in use by the golf course.

Once again we ask for cooperation from all residents of the Oakridge community in staying off the golf course, other than when authorized to be there as a registered player.  With golf play once again underway there is danger in walking, riding bikes or otherwise trespassing on the golf course property and those activities are prohibited.  Golf course staff will begin asking anyone trespassing on the property to please stay off and hopefully no stronger action will be required.  Thanks for your help in once again establishing an operating golf course presence in the Oakridge community. 

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