Valuation & Analysis Services

OnCourse Strategies conducts valuation analyses for golf course owners, lenders and operators for the purpose of determining real estate, business and personal property values. Services may also include analysis of business impact from proposed easement or rights of way takings. Methodologies and techniques focus on the complex nature of golf course properties and their unique components of value. Service includes the delivery of written support in addition to occasional testimony in a public forum.

Feasibility Analysis

The company provides financial and economic support, analysis and recommendation relating to the feasibility in developing, leasing or acquiring golf course real estate. This may include preparation of business plans for the development, operation and sourcing of the equity financing of a to-be-built golf course project or existing property acquisition. OnCourse Strategies also conducts feasibility analysis, encompassing demand studies examining demographic evidence for golf participation and economic analysis examining cash flow, financability and return on investment for existing and to-be-built golf course properties.

Transaction Services

The principals have also been involved in the identification of prospective golf course and other real estate investments for clients. This includes analysis of projects that fit desired investment profiles and delivery of those projects for acquisition. OnCourse Strategies has also created and implemented operational and management strategies for the productive use of golf courses and other commercial real estate.

Owner & Management Consulting

On Course Strategies provides professional expertise to assist golf course owners and managers with operational enhancement. Golf shop operations, golf course maintenance, marketing, membership recruitment, renovation projects and general club management are areas where services may be provided. The company may also perform situation analysis and development of a strategic plan to achieve improved results.

Acquisition & Development Consulting

OnCourse Strategies has prepared deal proforma analysis examining cash flow and risk of prospective golf courses and other commercial real estate acquisitions and leases. Due diligence study supervision and performance is also an available service.

Project Planning & Development

The OnCourse Strategies principals and staff have the ability to provide consulting services related to the advance planning and development of golf course and real estate projects. Substantial experience will assist owners to avoid pitfalls and provide insight to bring projects in on time and on budget

Lender Support

OnCourse Strategies serves golf property lenders with a variety of specialized services. Asset and operational situation analysis may be performed to determine asset condition and present value. Provision of professional interim management services or court appointed receivership can assist lenders with pre or post foreclosure operations. Development of marketing packages and identification of suitable buyers utilizing either an auction or sales process assists lenders with quick maximized value asset recovery.